“Good storytelling reaches down deep into our minds, hearts, and spirits—it connects the humanity in all of us. Through storytelling elements we can craft stories about life, experiences, and understandings into being very real for others. Good storytelling lets our students be deeply heard and honored. And those are the stories that need to be told!”
- Bernajean Porter

It’s All About The Kids

Our goal is for each participant in the program to get a full VIP Experience. We want each child to know that their story matters. They are the hero on their journey. Hero is not a destination, it is made up of everyday hero decisions, and those decisions can begin TODAY! So although these numbers show we’ve told close to 2000 hero stories in multiple schools, from multiple countries and in several states, each story individually matters and the experience is important for the one!

In 2012 we launched My Story Matters, a 501c3 organization committed to bringing this experience to underprivileged children. As we’ve been working on these projects so many of our volunteers, other teachers in the schools, and community partners have asked, “How can I do this in my community?” We knew we couldn’t be everywhere so we have worked to create this curriculum so you can bring this program to your family, your school, and organizations in your community!

Standards We Live By

Commit. We commit to uplift, inspire, and edify individuals to own the creative power within them to write their own stories and discover strength, hope, and healing in the process.

Craft. We craft templates, programs, story development processes, and books using evidence-based research, narrative theory, defined creative principles, and superior workmanship to inspire transformation.

Community. We build a community where people tell individual stories---from seemingly different cultures, languages, religions, ethnicities, socioeconomic conditions, and life experiences---only to discover and empathize with the universal humanity in each of us.

Claim. We claim individual voice as the foundational expression of being and agency.

Collaborate. We collaborate with individuals to tell their stories by honoring their voice, engaging them to reflect, recount, record, and reframe their story, and then encourage them to be conscious authors of their own journey.

Compassion. We carry the process of telling one’s story and the stories themselves to families, communities, and institutions in widening circles of compassion, understanding, and empathy.

Coach. We coach, assess, and improve theory and the process of transformation through conscious self-evaluation to enhance outcomes and impact.

Cycle. As stories are created in cycles, we write and rewrite our transformational narrative cyclically to embrace new thoughts, conscious creation, and change.

The Magic of getting your book!

Watch as we follow the story of one family receiving their books.

There is something special about the magic moment when a book is received and enjoyed for the first time. A child gains confidence, their self esteem is increased, and they are reminded they are important. They see the power in telling their story and sharing it with others. Community volunteers decided to also make quilts to accompany this special delivery.

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