Message from our Founder:

As a world we have found ourselves in a unique climate. Everywhere we look there seem to be hardships, fear and concern. In times of uncertainty and challenge we all seek for tools that help us reach for skills of security, courage, and hope.

The work we do at My Hero Journey teaches us that our resiliency is born in these moments. Although things are testing our resolve, we are confident that every student has the superpowers they need within them to navigate anything life brings their way. As the noise around us builds it is important that we each take the time to discover what we know, what is in our circle of control, and where our concerns lie. We can then lean into discovering what our unique superpowers are and how we use them to influence change, hope, and compassion in our communities.

A piece of the curriculum we engage students in revolves around the difficult circumstances life has dealt them. We encourage them to reflect on those situations in our lives and take note of the strengths they now have not in spite of the challenge, but because of it.

The My Hero Journey curriculum is packed with tools and resources that empower students with the tools they need to analyze their past, observe their present and make decisions about their future. They gain tools and resources to help them unleash the hero within to rise to the challenge of creating a future they are excited about.

With the recent events surrounding the pandemic of Covid 19 we find ourselves confronted with change. The “new normal” is changing the way students are interacting in the world. It’s changing the landscape of our classrooms. It’s changing the way teachers can engage with their students. My Hero Journey is built around engaging and alternative learning methods. We are committed to helping teachers engage in these important lessons with their students. Our step by step approach helps students and teachers work together to unleash the hero within. We are taking steps to provide additional materials and resources to aid educators in helping students to process the current events against the landscape of their individual stories.

Amy Chandler

CEO, Founder

Our Community Challenge:

As a collective community we will now have a common experience in which we can frame future learning environments, engage in our communities, and make future decisions. The choice is ours to actively engage in taking the time to process some of the important questions. It’s not just WHAT we learn, it is what we will DO with what we learn that will shape the future. What we learn depends on how we think about these experiences.

Just as we encourage our students to take the time to reflect on what they have learned and how it impacts their story. We offer a similar challenge to you. We’re confident that as you start you will begin to ask other questions of yourself, these are meant to get the conversation started. Take the time to process them yourself, and then engage your community in the journey.

Remember, Hero decisions can start today!

During this difficult time

What have I learned about myself?

What have I learned about my community?

Who has supported me?

Where have I failed?

What has been different about my learning environment?

Have I learned a new skill?

Have I found a new hobby?

How have I changed my routine?

How has my behavior changed?

How has this shifted my goals?


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