What is the value of empowering your child? What is it worth for your child to go through life knowing they are powerful, amazing Superheroes in their own journey?

Everyone deserves to see themselves as the hero in their own story and to know that everyone has weaknesses, unique family circumstances and challenges to overcome, but that doesn’t take away from their hero status.

There is nothing more valuable you can offer your child than time and the gift of self-confidence.

My Hero Journey is the opportunity to give that gift to YOUR child.

Home Edition
$89 /year
9 empowering video-based units
1 Book Publishing License
Confidence building activities
Thought-provoking worksheets
Songs to reinforce positive principles
The self-worth that comes when they see they are amazing enough to have their own story written and published all about them.

Children Testimonials

"This book will remind me of all I’ve been through up to this point. I loved how I learned that it’s those struggles that have made me who I am and it reminds me that I am capable of achieving my dreams."

- Summer, age 17

"One of my favorite parts about doing this project every year is that I can see how my dreams change and grow as I do. My first year I wanted to be a professional basketball player, now I love space. The things I learn help me make changes where I need to reach my new goals. I have loved learning about myself and I read my book over and over to help me remember who I am and what I am aiming for."

- Preston age 11

“The thing I learned about myself was what my gifts and talents are and what I can dream and do in the future of my life. The best part of having a book about myself is that I can see in detail the things I am strong in and also where my weakness is and be reminded of my dreams. When I saw my book for the first time the thing I was feeling in my heart was --”oh wow this is me! It was a book really about me.” I couldn’t believe it was really true that my story was in a book. It helped me know that my story was important and that it needed to be told and it will help others understand who I am. I am so much more than a pretty face and beautiful eyes, my story has so much depth. I can’t wait to share my book with my family.”

- Maria, age 12

"When I first saw my book I was so happy, I couldn’t believe there was someone that would publish my story. I have never written a book about my story before. My friends and family ask me to read it over and over because they can’t believe I shared the things I did. They feel like they know me so much more now than before. It has given me courage to share my story more. When I get scared, or down I find my book and I read it and I remember who I am and the dreams I have."

- Sarah, age 15

Parent Testimonials

“I love these books. Seeing the look on their faces as they look through their books is priceless. That someone stepped up and did something for my child like this for us, means the world.”

- A Mother Said

"I am a mother of a student in a high school you just worked with, and I just received her book last night. I wanted to call and tell you guys how amazed I am at the work you are doing. I’ve read her story and reread it so many times today and I’m just absolutely blown away by how she views herself, how she views the world, and I’m just so proud to be able to read her story. Thank you for all the volunteers and your organization. Thank you so very much!" Later she followed up with this message: "I have always known that my daughter is amazing, confident, and smart, but to know that she views herself that way is the BEST gift I could receive. I absolutely love the part where she said, 'I want people to have more hope and to not give up, drop out, or struggle so much. I hope for more love in the world.' I never heard of your organization until last night. I am always looking for ways to help inspire others and would love to be involved with you. Serving others and community involvement is something that I believe in."

- A Mother's Phone Call

“My child published her story with your program last year. She has slept with her book under her pillow ever since. It’s her favorite bedtime story she requests her dad and I read to her frequently. Unfortunately, our home caught fire this week and the book was destroyed with many of our possessions. I don’t know if it’s possible to get another copy of her book but it would mean the world to our family, it’s my daughters most prized possession and the only thing she wants back from the fire.”

- 2nd grade parent