As your student embarks on a journey to discover the hero within them you have several things you can look forward to as a parent. Here are some things you can expect.

Reflective Exercises:

Your student will be given the opportunity to discover that the things that make them unique are the things that make them powerful. They are the one that will choose to discover their super powers within, and step into the role of the hero in their own story. They will begin to discover and unleash the hero within.

Community Engagement:

Your student will learn how their story connects into the stories of their community. Together with their classmates they will create a plan for a way they impact their community for good.

Interactive exercises & tools:

Your student will have the opportunity to learn how to work together, having the opportunity to both share and listen. They will be completing several projects to help them learn valuable tools to become empowered in creating their story of the future.

A Published Author:

There is a power that is unleashed when a student reads over their story and finally declares, “this is my hero journey, it’s worthy of print, and ready to share with the world!” Studies show this is a moment where a student's self confidence increases, they gain hope for their future, and become empowered to step into their lives as the hero of their own story. Your student will become a published author!

What other parents have said about the experience:

“As the students page through their books, you can see that so-called ripple effect taking place. Some call out to their friends to share a silly photo or turn to a neighbor to read one of their responses. Others sit more quietly, reading to themselves, smiling at various elements in their storybooks. You can see the pride in their eyes and their confidence levels rising.”

— Parent observing delivery day

"My daughter just came home from school with her book from your project. She asked if I would read it with her. We laughed and we cried. The most important part of this project for me though was that I learned. I learned so much about my daughter I didn't know and she opened up to me about some really important things. I can't imagine having missed out on that opportunity. I can't say thank you enough for providing the vehicle for me to see my student in a new light. We are forever grateful!!""

— Taylorsville High Parent

“The books are really nice. They really helped the kids in our family. It’s a difficult time for our family, and the books have really helped my kids share their feelings and think about their feelings.”

— Father